Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A few years ago I wondered how this blog will be maintained. And the way i look at it, it's not very well. Two posts for the month of November. Not that I don't give a crap about you readers. I miss you guys. I really do.

I spoke to a close friend of mine yesterday and realized how important it is to update blogs to keep up with each other's life.
Perhaps Facebook is like the newly build highway which connects people at a faster pace.

So yeah, immediately after the 1st sem in Taylor's, I have been involving myself in this new project to enhance my curriculum vitae. It's about shooting this documentary for Regional Environmental Awareness Cameron Highlands (R.E.A.C.H). To be honest, I was not forced into embark onto this project at all. I joined at my own will. So far, we have conducted researches and got the necessary letters ready. We will be going up to Cameron Highlands nextThursday and returning on the 16th. I can't remember what day. As much as I want to busify myself and to avoid being a couch potato for the three months of my hols, I think I chose a wrong hobby. It's not entirely wrong. Perhaps it's me who is wrong. I give my 100% *ahem* i mean 70%(the remaining 30% is left for my playfulness which combines with my can't-take-things-seriously-attitude) to what I feel passionate about unlike my Pets for Keeps Campaign. As much as I want to be involved in this whole REACH project, I don't 'feel' for the environment. You feel me? Yes I'm horrible like that. I would be a hypocrite if I called my tree-hugger. I hug cats. I hug autistic kids. I hug poor kitties. And honestly, to the group, it's really unfair of me to be like that. It's too late to back out. but I'm really trying my best to contribute as much as I possibly could. Guess my 1st step is to avoid myself from spacing-out from time to time during meetings while taking down minutes. Go CLO-WIE!!!

On another note, I'm trying to get as many stamps from Starbucks as possible because I want their daily planner. WOOTS! 5 more to go! oh yeah, and one more peppermint mocha. i don't like mocha one bit. makes me wanna vomit. And I discovered that the cheapest drink is Iced Americano. Translation to English: Kopi-O. RM7.90 but since I bought the tumbler I get RM2 off. Which makes coffee RM5.80 after tax and whatnot they charge.

Bought a TVB drama and 3 movies-(500 days of Summer, Bride Wars and some Japanese movie starring LeeHom)

I'm pretty broke and it's December. I'm open to any kind of monetary donations. My bank account number will be given to sincere donors.

To beige Guess purse or not to beige Guess purse? RM189.

Seeing polo-tees in shops reminds me of someone.
Seeing lamfung-hairstyles on guys who are around that height reminds me of another someone.
Chatted with someone on msn brought back wtf memories which kinda drains my energy from having too much unnecessary emotions,

I have not bought any bags in the past month. My last bag is the Breast Cancer one designed by Bill Keith which my aunt bought me in November. I think.

Wow. This blogpost sounds like the tag on 25 Random Things About You.
While I'm at it, I might as well changes it to Random Updated Things About Me Life! =)

Okay...let's continue:

I avoid scary movies. Which include horror, thriller AND action movies. I'm dull scary-cat like that. The scariest movie I watched was Scary Movie

I can never carry the same bag for one week.

Am TRYING to save for the over-rated iphone. IF i remember not to overspend.

I DO NOT have ADHD *ahem* weivern *ahem*

I just got back from a mini kaikai trip with dad to Empire Gallery, the Pavilion of Subang. I wanna bathe now. goodnight.


wei vern said...

OK CHLOE!!! U don't hv ADHD, just lots to express. Hehe!!!!

U so good girl! Didn't buy any bag. Love the environment!!!! Hahha go hug a tree now!! Then I can call u a tree hugger.

Jin said...

500 Days of Summer is good. Chong can testify to that (and Adrian too, I think).