Saturday, 4 December 2010


Am currently watching Personal Taste and enjoying it.

Am not a Korean Drama fan but this is as good as Princess Hours. I don't normally laugh at dramas, ESPECIALLY Korean ones, but this drama is so witty, I couldn't control myself but to laugh out loud. It is embarrassing because no one laughs at Korean Dramas.

There are many loopholes I found while watching this, especially the roles of the 2nd starrings- ChukRyul and InHee. At 1st InHee was angry at ChukRyul for something. Then ChukRyul became angry at her for another reason. Then why would InHee be jealous and want to go back to ChukRyul is she is angry at him? I hope you didn't understand what I just said because that's how the show is. and this cycle goes round and round and round. It's like the editor decided to slot the 2nd starring's video clippets here and there and everywhere just to lengthen the drama.

I guess the hotness/cuteness (honestly dunno where to classify prettyhot Korean boys) of Lee Min Ho ...

makes up for everything. Apparently he is the guy with the ugly curly hair in Boys over Flowers. Can someone tell me if he is cute or hot? Does anyone use the term handsome nowadays? I don't even know what looks fall under handsome.

So yeah... Lee MinHo is the SECOND Korean guy/boy crush I shall have. The 1st one is Kim JeongHoon from Princess Hours.
See, Kim Jeong Hoon is cute because he has the boyish looks and his characters aren't those of aggressive nature. Where else Lee MinHo is cute, yet the characters he plays are (or supposed to be ) 'man' and aggressive. Erhh...?

A genius(literally) serving the military. That's Kim Jeong Hoon btw. If you are unable to recognize him.

Rain on the other hand is just...cute...when he smiles...

...who comes packed with a well sculptured body as the cherry on top. Or maybe the smile is the cherry on top. He is also another weird species. Dunno how to classify him.

I sacrificed my watch-drama-time by updating this post for you. =)
Good night and have a great second-half of your weekend.

Things look smaller when they are further to avoid any confusion. If they were of the same size 20feet away like they are right under your nose, you would mistaken it for something near and when you reach out to grab it, you might fall off your chair because it is unreachable. And when you fall off your chair you might scrape your knee and leave skin on the ground. And the CSIs might mistaken your DNA for some serial killer's and bring back your skin to the lab. When they find out it belongs to you, you will get into the lockup and all you won't be able to draw sticks on the wall because they would not give you a pen and you wouldn't know how long you've lived. And when you do not know how long you've lived you would definitely miss birthdays. Do you not want to miss birthdays and live on your life without birthday cake? I thought not, so just be thankful that the ship in the sea is so tiny when it is far away and stop coming up with scientific theories to confuse people. Use that time to eat birthday cake.