Saturday, 25 December 2010

Hi, this update has by no means to wish you merry christmas.

My cousin's Samsung died so I decided to be a nice cousin and pass her my LG KS360. Bought her the charger because I lost the original one.
Currently looking through my old messages,pictures, music, videos and personal notes which were saved in the phone and boy, did it bring back memories:
1) Petrosains.
2)Last last year's countdown. Minus the horrible people I was with.
3) Texts I typed but dare not send to this Malay guy from Petrosains who was hitting on me. Found that he deleted me from facebook not long after he left. Found him on fb again. what a chicken.
4) Texts I exchanged with a crush whom I finally after so long, had the guts to text. I said text. Not speak. I still can't bring myself to talk to him. Haha. I'm a chicken like that.
4) Texts for my Petrosains boss.
5) Texts for a buddy whom I once texted non stop but stopped because of the miniature keypads of the LG that irritated me which made me quit texting altogether. Haha. Sorry Jin. Maybe a bit of Chong and KC too. Miss you guys abit =P
6)Texts from this other Malay guy : bgn la chloe. nuisance. Emo freak. =P
7)Texts from this guy called erh...girither or something?
8) Pictures from the Penang trip.
9) aiyah so much stuff lah.

Now that you know what's in my old phone, wanna know what's in my current one? ;P

The fact that a certain smell, scent picture, font or even looking at a type of phone can bring back vivid memories of a series of events. And until now, it never cease to baffle me. Looking at the fonts of the LG phone reminds me of SOOOOO many things. So much hopes. Too many dreams...all to which I have let go. Been living on my own land for way too long. It was about time I began my journey to reality. And the journey have I begun. And the destination I shall reach

Sometimes the journey is a long walk. I do stop by for a drink. You know, to keep my sanity. But there are times where I run to get out of there. I must say, I've done a pretty good job. Although there are times where I reach a junction and blindly follow a road which led to a big circle to which I remind myself not to take again. I'm nearly there. I'm nearly there.

Oh, would you please do not look at me like that again. Seriously. What if I don't dress as nicely as you? I'm no fashionista. I'm intimidated. wth.

Guess who's got a new bag!!!

It was indeed a dilemma. The purple one was the last one, which means it is a popular choice, but the red one had so many left, which means the probabilities of bumping into a person with the same bag is absolutely rare. Decisions. Decisions.

Guess who wanted to buy the black version of this veryveryvery comfy pair of suede shoes:

...but didn't have enough money to pay for it... nearly RM400 weihh

Guess who is not sure if she should should spend RM250 on a diploma convocation.

Guess who can't pull off a chain strapped bag.

Guess who does not know what else to type on her blog.

Guess who's not wishing you a merry christmas.

Guess who's playing the guessing game.

Guess who needs a new baaaag!!!

Guess who doesn't want to tell you anymore stories.

If you can answer all of the above, I don't give a shit. Really. I was in a frickin good mood and you people had to destroy it. Way to go!

oh, and please. READ THE DISCLAIMER AT THE ABOUT ME SECTION. I'm tired of explaining myself. I'm sick of people reading this blog and taking my posts and misinterpret it out of context. You can't know a person by reading their blog. You may have a rough idea, but blogs are to enhance your knowledge on a person, once you know that type of person they are in real life. And not know a person by reading their blogs because it will make your mind assume what a person that person is, judging by an event or a post.

And fellow bloggers, I have not been blog hopping since forever. So if any of you are afraid that I may stalk you, don't.

This post supposed to start off light and end on a happy note, but idk why it didn't turn out as planned. hmm...

Still deleting messages from the LG phone. Haven't moved on to pictures yet.

have a blessed xmas.