Monday, 20 December 2010

There's a Squabble

on facebook. I believe someone who has never been in the picture dragged me into it.

Sigh. I shall clarify this over here. You know the drill. Stuff on facebook gets diverted here.

That is if i feel the need to clear things up. Or if i feel the need to jump into this. wtf moment. seriously people just have to drag you into this wtf moments.

It's like a crime to dose off in meetings. Whaaat? No meetings will be complete without me dosing off kay? Don't believe ask Marcus. And those Petrosains people. They must have been so used to it. Haha.

I'm so not in the 'i wanna smash the crap outta your ass like a squashed cockroach' mood right now, so this post shall end here.

I'm in the 'wtf did i do that i'm being pushed into the dirty river' mood. Some people don't even deserve to be in this blog to be remembered in lives.


i posted replies on fb instead. will update you guys =)