Monday, 6 December 2010

Just finished Personal Taste.
My verdict:

but there are a few things to ask the director:
1. if Jin-Ho drove to the pub to see Kae In, why did he piggyback her all the way back home?

2. how did Kae In know she would lose her virginity before she went to see Jin Ho, especially when Jin Ho didn't want to see her?

3. Jin Ho's mum couldn't accept Kae In because she was the ex of her arch-rival's son. Why did Jin Ho's mum suddenly decided to accept Kae In right after Kae In mentioned that she did not have a mother?


Why did the director turn her into this emo girl right after she turned ladylike?

Why? Based on her character, she should not be crying over petty things. Why did she tear up so easily? Is it the dress? Is it the laces? Is it the skirt? If so, she should wear her overalls and ugly hoodies again.

See Kae In in this dress and a cardigan? She's in her emo era.

5. Whenever Kae In scolds ChangRyul (sorry, not Chukryul), why doesn't she bring out the fact that he is an indecisive player and that he went back to her because his marriage with her bestie failed? Why must she keep on sayig that he broke her heart? Yes he broke her heart, but she should use those things that he did against him.

6. The list goes on. Jin Ho is uber cute. He is cute. Not hot. =)

EunHye (from Princess Hours)
made a cameo appearance in one episode as Jin Ho's previous love interest.

Here are some pictures of LeeMinHo:

Got it from his facebook page:

Such a pretty boy. Aaand...he's only 23!

LeeMinHo's Twitter account:

okay, no more unnecessary Korean information for you okay? =)
Beginning HK drama now. TVB's Can't Buy Me Love.

I love my hols, so can't imagine going back to uni. So can't imagine going back to uni. So can't imagine going back to uni.

I wanna retire. Stay at home. Do nothing. Watch dramas. Sleep. Read. Have no life on Facebook and Twitter. Read some more. Go out. Come home and bum again. No assignments.