Thursday, 30 December 2010

So Convo

So I've finally decided to go for the d.i.p.l.o.m.a. convocation. Bleh.

It was a real last minute thing, actually. I even told WV that I wasn't going. But mum asked me to go... Spoke to Triangulus last night regarding alot of stuff. One was about the convocation. He told me that what he may seem as unimportant may be the world to me because he has 'gone through life' more than me. He added that the reason he will get me an iphone before himself is because he understands the 'needs' of a young adult.

Back to the convocation. I dunno what came upon me or what made me decide to go. It's still a mystery. Although mum asked me to go, but I had the say of declining.

(8)Ring out the old, bring in the new(8)-The Perfect Year, Dina Caroll