Friday, 21 January 2011

Pictures from Cameron Highlands

Sorry for greeting you with my botak patch. That part of my head is most difficult to comb. This picture was taken by Queen when we were in Cameron Highlands. In December. Last year. Stale information, I know. I fail as a journalism student.

You probably may have seen those pictures on FB, but just in case you haven't, here they are.Pictures are not arranged according to date.

This is a picture of Queen pinching Hassaan's head is during the pre-production period. And yes, I was watching Community Channel on Youtube. Hassaan couldn't join us up there because his uncle from Pakistan came down for holiday and he had to bring him around since he has been in Malaysia for a few years. Meeting held in Queen's house mansion.

This is a picture of Raj and Ali. I didn't know that Iran(near the Kurdish or Russian border, i kenot remember which one) has winter. We were all wrapped up in jackets while Ali walked around the Highlands in shorts. Picture taken in front of Raju's shop, Nepenthes at Tanah Rata, CH. Nepenthes is the scientific name for Periuk Kera. I think.

His shop makes the best teas one could ever imagine. The teh panas is so fragrant that one could down 4 cups at one go. Even the water from the highlands tastes deelish. Unfortunately there are only 12 rivers left at CH that are A grade. Which means are not polluted.

This is me. In case you forgot. Was at the REACH office at Berinchang scanning documents and information for our documentary.

Ali and Raj operating the camera with the VIP REACH member at the background. We were interviewing him at the highest peak of CH.

In the river trying to catch macro organisms. I can't remember the exact term for it, but the existence of these living things proofs that this river is very clean therefore they can inhabit it.
In the water with us are 3 apprentices trained by Dr. Liow to conserve the environment. They are Danes, a 14 year old teen(in red jacket) and siblings Melody(in shorts, checking the net) and Anthony(in red but hidden by Anugrah). Melody is in Taylors. Anugrah saw her the other day in college. Small world.

This is a picture of me behind Anugrah who is behind Marcus. Was logging the boom mike behind me. Mr. (what's his name) is a very knowledgeable man. He brought us from the micromini hole into the mossy forest and explained to us probably every single thing we can find in it. I took back a teatree leaf (where teatree oil, found in beauty products). It looks like dill.

Where we went in the mossy forest is
I kid you not. It's so deep in the jungle that one wrong turn you make may cause you to either fall down the foresty cliff or get lost in there. The REACH member was far ahead, then Ms. Mangala was behind with me. We called out to him to slow down, but he could not hear us, neither could he be heard. But the atmosphere there is so different. It's cool, peaceful and indeed the air is fresher.

Here's a picture of the guys at work, interviewing taximen.

We are posing in the studio. not really. This is taken in another forest where the above said river was.

We were up at the tallest peak of Pahang. The lookout tower. i think it's called.

They made me put it behind my ears but i refused to.

The lookout tower.

All of us at the lookout tower. Minus Leen who had to go to Singapore for a dodgeball(?) match and minus Hassaan who had to be a tourguide.
From left to right: Ali, Queen, Anugrah, Raj.
The sakai in front is Marcus.

Back at college. Bored while waiting for the tapes to be digitalized.

This trip was indeed an eye opener for me. Saving the environment had never been a passion of mine, and I doubt it will ever be. But it really made me become aware of the environment and how much the condition of the earth(or CH) has deteriorated and how a little goes a long way and how people with weird characters can exist and how people poop in the river and how people at the bottom of the river drink it and how multi storey buildings are not allowed in CH but how irresponsible authorities allow developers to destroy the land and compromise the safety of the people. The list goes on.

This post is just a gist of what we did there. pictures of empty land and plants are not posted here for fear they might bore you as it did to me. i kid again. this blog should be about i, me and myself. not enough space for plants.

have a great day ahead, people.