Tuesday, 11 January 2011


kathy, the lady who does the paperwork for Faculty of Creative Arts and Design(FOCAD) rang me up a few days ago and asked me to write a speech to represent the students of FOCAD and talk about our experiences at SEGi for the convocation this Saturday.

I DAMN HAPPY LO. Her Royal Highness also damn proud lo.

Then she called again and said that i don't have to give that speech of mine coz someone said has already agreed before me. But I said yes on the spot wor. then you call me for what?

apparently she had a list of people to call, and obviously she called other people (person) 1st la coz my name doesn't begin with an A. disappointed siut.

make me happy for that hour for what...

maybe i'll go on stage and say "hey, *name*, imma let you finish but..." ala kanyewest style.