Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lol! Pee!

I know there is such thing as print screen but i rather snap a pic and write this blogpost through my phone instead. Open the picture in a new tab to read the whole thing. Btw, the status AND both comments are by the same person.

Dunno bout u, but i'm very particular when it comes to updating statuses on fb. Your status says so much about you...silently. Because fb is a way for people to 'know' you, like it or not, people or 'friends' will judge you based on your statuses. Heck, there is even an iphone app called Friend Reader which compiles a whole list of your friend's statuses and 'read em like a book'. You won't judge a book by its cover, here's a friend in a book for you to judge instead.

Putting up a status is one thing, getting people to like them is another. I sorta emphatize those people who update their statuses and go a day without people liking it. It shows that either no one bothers about what you have to say or no one cares. Same difference. Either way, they make you look pathetic.
Mind you, i'm not talking about people who updates their statuses every single second with oh-so-interesting facts about themselves:
"what to do"
"shit assignments"
"miss you"

And those permanently angry people who portray themselves as happening people who always has someone to make their lives more happening.
"effyou mothereffer like that also effing can. If you so effing smart then go and eff yourselves la eff"

And one i saw on my homepage amidst her 200 other statuses updated within that same hour which i'll never forget:
"i wanna pee"
Seriously? You wanna pee? I know your every activity, your every move, your every thought(via facebook duh. Where else?) and now your bladder too? Your own privacy doesn't exist, why not put your bowels under the public eye while you're at it.
If every facebooker announced they wanna pee each time they wanna pee, everyone's facebook homepage will be full of pee.

I tell you what, missy. Go create 'Peebook' and you might blow facebook outta the water with your niche group of yours. Go give Zukerberg a run for his moneh. Go create peebook games like Peeville or Pee City. Try Texas Pee'em Poker and Pee Wars while you're at it.
Create polls like "how much have you peed?" and give options like "a litre", "2litres" or "i peed for a full minute".
I'm sure you'll have lots of ideas with your peabrain...oops...i meant pee brain up there.

That, they deserve to be ignored. There is twitter for second-by-second updates.

Hope you LOL as loud as i did when i saw that status. No offence to this secondary school buddy =)