Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The social outcast becomes a tv presenter/model. The ugly ducking gets a hot boyfriend. The students which the teachers had high expectations on are enjoying life, not working, nor doing anything. Oh life's irony. 

Who knew that this girl whom no one liked for her aiksy attitude would climb up the popularity ladder so quickly.
Who knew the girl whose love got rejected more than five times would end up with a celebrity-looking guy. 
Who knew that the top students would be bumming around at home partying all night instead of looking for a proper job.
Who knew that the girl who rejected more than ten guys would remain single till today.
Who knew the teacher's pet is working as a salesman.
Who knew the ugly spotty faced braniac is pretty and posing in front of the cameras now.
Who knew the quiet girl would have such loose legs.
Who knew the girl who did so badly in all her subjects would be a med student.

Why didnt the tall and pretty girl go into the modelling line? 
Why didnt the football pro play for the malaysian team? 
Why arent the LK students in architecture? 
Why is the motherly looking girl not married yet? 
Why why why?

And i ask myself these every single year, every single time their posts magically appear on my facebook homepage. I remain in shock. I shall remain in shock because i know as years pass, i'll definitely be in for a bigger shock. 

My assumptions failed me yet again.

I just realized... that if my blog were to be a kid,

 it would be in primary one by now. He(or she) would be quite a scrawny one too, judging by how much i've been feeding him. Or her.

That aside, I should be typing out an article now for my final issue but instead i choose to blog. I stumbled upon this 30 day challenge on tumblr and for some odd reason, i decided to take it on.

It's actually a 60 Details Challenge which will literally be a challenge for me coz i'm nowhere near to being detailed.

Here goes:

1) one favorite word
Man. It's not exactly my favoutite word, but i tend to use it a lot. "Yahman! Come on man! Damn slow man! Oh MEhN!"
2) one favorite fonem
Fonem? What's a fonem? Fonember? My fonember is 016-..... 
3) favorite color
It used to be pink. All my stuff are still pink. So are two of the walls of my room. But I'm into earthy tones now. Khaki...Beige...Ivory... Yeah that sort.

4) explain your favorite sound (or what is your favorite onomatopoeia?)
SPLASH! Coz splash sounds like a carefree me jumping into a swimming pool. Or a pedestrian walking on the pavement when a car tersplashed puddle water on their clothes, and i'll be there laughing.

5) one word that reminds you the caring feeling
6) one word that remind you absence

7) one word that sounds beautiful
8) one color that tastes like something
9) one flavor that instantly leads to your childhood
Baskin Robbin's mint&pistachios. 
10) one word in another language
"Hokkien" is Hokkien in Hokkien. 

11) favorite flavour and kind of flavour.

12) a feeling you hate
I won't use the word hate, but i dislike feeling guilty. Let alone be guilty.
13) one strong word
Hate. Or strong. However you see it.
14) a strong feeling
Strong. Or hate. However you feel it.
15) a sweet word
Sweet. Or Sugar. I've never licked a word before so i wouldn't know.
16) a sweet feeling
Neither have i licked feelings. So i wouldn't know.
17) an acid word
I would type the chemical name for acid if i paid attention in Kimia class.
18) an acid feeling
19) favorite texture
Definitely not satin.
20) a texture you hate

20) the perfertct situation
Oh yes. I've got it. It's been on replay in my head for the past few years. :)
21) a wonderful song with lyrics
Nil?22) a wonderful song with no lyrics
I've been watching Wesley (from Wong Fu)'s These Four Walls quite a number of times and i think it's the most touching video i've ever watched. The music is composed by YouTuber(?)George Shaw. 

I'm sorry i am unable to answer the next few questions. Been too numb to sense anything. 23) a word and a sensation
25) a sense you could be without
26) a world you could not do without
27) favorite sensation
28) favorite sense

29) a place to go
HONG KONG! Universal Studios Singapore! Or KLCC. Pavilion's not bad too. Pyramid if all is too far. 30) a place to be

30) a smell
Funny this 'detail' came up. I was washing my hair the other day and decided to pick out a shampoo i used last year. It's the Crabtree & Evelyn's Rosewater Shampoo. And boy, did it evoke memories. And feelings. Which brought back that familiar thought. I remember using Dove shampoo and it reminded me of a few years ago using it and it reminded me of my Form2 days when Jela used to come over after school. The blue Sunsilk shampoo(now discontinued) reminds me of Form 1 days and the Pink Sunsilk reminds me of my Form3 days. Crabtree & Evelyn's dunno what flower scent(now discontinued) reminds me of my form 4 days and i cannot remember what scent represents my Form5 days. C&E's Nantucket reminds me of National Service. 

31) a drug
MY ACER LAPTOP CHARGER! We called it drug. Lol!
31) an animal
Dizzie?31) an animal smell
Dizzie's poo?32) an animal sound

33) a word that has a flavour that turns you on.
You want to know a word that turns me on la tu.34) a word that has a sound that turns you on
Can sounds turn people on? Splash is my favourite onomatopoeia but it doesnt turn me on. But it does turn on the funny bone :P

35) a place to smell.
Char Kueh Teow shop. Or the fish market. 
36) a body part
ketiak. =__O
37) a body part’s smell
ketiak LMFAO!
38) a non-eatable taste
I'm sorry, what?
40) a taste that reminds you someone you love (and if you want, who is this one)
41) a smell that reminds you someone you love (“)
42) a texture (“) (“)
Le shirt.43) a sound (“) (“)
"sniffles"44) a landscape
45) a vision that reminds you someone you love (and if you want, who is this one)
  Lights and buildings. Pretty ones.
46) a movie you just love the cinematography
  ANY WongFu shorts. 
47) a movie you love the sounds
  Uhhh... I'm not THAAAT detailed to notice.

48) a visually beautiful letter
  C! Coz it's got nice curves! :P
49) a letter that sounds awesome in your language
  My language is Engrish. I speako BM but ABC in BM is the same as ABC in Engrish. I speako Hokkien and Cantonese but gua tarak tau the 'letters' or characters. What letter do you mean? the letter from the alphabet or the letter as in Surat, letter?
50) a letter that sounds awesome in some other language (and what one)
51) a word that makes you angry
  I'm afraid i do not get ticked off by a single word. But if i have to, i'd choose betrayal. 
52) a word that makes you happy
  Chance. Or Skylines.
53) a image that makes you think
  Skylines. And bulbs.
54) an interesting thought you always have
  Oooh i've loads!

55) wet clothes or arid air?
  Wet clothes! Coz you can take em off. But arid air... one can die from it!
56) a word that scares you.
  BOO! I kid. Eerie looks pretty eerie. So does haunted.
57) your smile sound like…?
  A monkey with bunny teeth.
58) a substance that make you fall in love
  Love potion? O__o
59) a word that reminds you the thing or feeling you like and hate the most.
60) a word that puts togheter all the five senses

There I've answered all 60 questions. I'm surprised it didnt take me long. Or did it? And I'm surprised i didnt give up halfway. Perhaps i'm a grown up now and my concentration span has lengthen. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Nonono... it hasnt. I'm just looking for inspirations to write my article so i'm spending precious time here answering unnecessary questions. If you notice i didnt answer the last two. I got lazy. No seriously. How can a word remind me of a feeling i like/hate the most? Unless it's... Rosewatershampoo! 
No.60... How can i bother wasting my time thinking bout such a deep question when they can't even spell together properly? There are a few spelling errors in the other questions too but the Spelling Nazi in me is asleep. So to answer Q.60, i'd say... ME!

Toodles. Don't know when will the next update be. Let's hope this 60 questions will keep you occupied while i'm gone. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


What is in my bag.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

I'm in the midst of

cleaning my room, putting clean laundry into the cupboard, clearing out my old clothes, dusting my room, blogging and sorting out some paperwork at the same time.

I'm disorganized like that but that's how I work. Now iono what to do next. I might return right after mopping the floor.