Thursday, 7 December 2006


It happened so fast. The week it all happened, I don't know about you, but my watch seemed to tick 50% slower.
I made a list:
d)modern maths
f)Literature in English
g)Add Maths
i) Kimia

Oh ya! I'm in the second batch for national service!
1st batchers(1st of January-11th of March 2007):
-Pik Wah

2nd batchers(18th of March-9th of June 2007)
-Yours truly, Chloe
-Cacing=Wormie=Eng Ching
-Shu Leen

3rd batchers
-Nicholas aka Nicky

Other People Who Got Chosen But I Dunno What Batch:
-Pek kee
-Mei Yee
-Tuck Mei
-Cha She

Blogging isn't fun if you write them on a piece of paper then typing them all over again. It's nicer when stuff that comes out from my mind is impromtu. Just type whatever i think. If my mind works fast, then type fast, and vice versa.

I'm currently chatting with a friend who's in college. I've learnt from him that the outside world isn't as friendly as I thought it would be.

it's 5 something am and i better catch some sleep. Got to wake up at 8.30 later. Will be going to Midvalley.



Jin said...

Can you feel it now
Can you feel it now
Toki wa mujou ni nagareteku
Pulling on my heart
Pulling on my heart
Kono omoi tokihanashite

Baby mou mirai mo
Yakusoku mo iranai
Anata ga soko ni iru dake de
Baby my wish on a wing
Kono koe wo tobase
Furueru hoshi wo tsuki nukete

Pam said...

Cha She and Tuck Mei are in second batch if im nt mistaken.