Sunday, 2 September 2007

I couldn't Care Less or More =D

Clo is sick of thinking of what other people think about her.

I hate it when I see someone thinner than me telling ME that they're fat. If that super skinny petite framed size 0 girl comes up to me and say "OHWTF I'M SO FREAKING FAT!", I am so gonna bring her for a liposuction and suck out all that's left of her so that she becomes super invisible. What say you Ms-I-am-so-freaking-fat-help-me-I-wanna-die-because-Chloe-is-thinner-than-me? *inverted commas*

I've gained confidence throughout the 3 months and realized that people don't actually OBSERVE you. They don't give a shit on how you look or where your belly bulges.

Or maybe it's because they're erh...'pedalaman' people and their only goal in life is to get married and have tonnes of babies. Pei Yan said so. She said that 'Si Lai' told her wan.

That's not my point. My point is I'm sick of covering my flaws. If you think I have a big butt, go ahead. If you think my arm are big or my thighs are flabby, well, I can't have you at knife point or operating out your bad thoughts about me and brainwash you, can I?

Bottomline is I don't care how or what you think about me and my dress sense.

Spot Clo, Nicole n Jela

Moi camwhoring. Precious picture this is... I hardly camwhore y'know?

Super open minded Grace who doesn't care how people think about her picture. She laughed at this picture and didnt ask me to delete it. "ShAAAAAAAAA-roNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!"
Chloe, signing out.


Brian D'milano said...

hahah dam vain especially the reflection of the mirror lol...well that is before or after service? i bet is after right clo? well i still think that your body is quite fine just a lil work out will do the magic yea...=p

jela said...

vain mehhhhhhhhh???
where??? cant see!!

tipsy darlene said...

i didnt ask u to delete it...
cos i didnt expect u to POST IT HERE!!! lmao...m gonna kill clo...

chLoe said...

Brian- yaloh, Jela... Vain meh?

Grace-I didnt expect myself 2 post it here either. LOL... i think itz a nice one. Very candid... when u called 'SHARONNN!!!!!'