Saturday, 3 November 2007

Dear Anonymous Spammer,

After much thought, I've decided to post it here, under my name.

To you who have nothing to do,
please bore yourself with something else,
like bang your head on the wall,
bang the wall on your head.
Either way,
it'll work great.

I did think of snapping,
back at you anonymously,
but then I decided;
that I will not
be like you,
typing rubbish,
using other people's
for the sake of it.
Hence this haiku.

I am being very kind
for not
asking you to get a life,
because I believe you

I understand;
as boring as life can get,
the way to kill boredom
is to not:
create conflict
between two or more friends.

Therefore, please mind:
your business,
and stop.
using other people's names,
reveal yourself;
if you have the guts.

Thank you for being so understanding, Anonymous Spammer.

The owner of Fireworks Are Beautiful, Chloe.


Andrew C. said...

Let me clarify. It's 100% not me.