Friday, 28 December 2007


I'm addicted to a few songs this round.

Tried looking for links for you to listen to it but I couldn't find it. Might as well give you the names instead. I listen to songs that emphasize on their voices. Voices that are melodious.

All I Ask of You-Sarah Brightman & Cliff Richard
Phantom of The Opera- Sarah Brightman & Steve Harley
Music of the Night- Michael Crawford
Amigos Para Siempre- Jose Carreras & Sarah Brightman

All four songs are from famous plays by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Teeheeheee... yeah, S.Brightman and A.L.Webber again...

Anyway, there's one song which I particularly like. I like the tune. Will post the lyrics (& song if I can find it) on new year's eve.



Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...

Oooooo someone's into soft classical-ly music! try getting the music player thing on ur blog (check mine, shud be this HUGE green box! whn u open d page).

chloe said...

Kinda lor. But i didnt know they were classic. I thought Josh Groban was classic.