Friday, 4 January 2008

Mr Chua Something

If you worked for a company or the government for any years, you would definitely want to leave the company standing up tall, with your head held up high, knowing you did something good for the company, knowing everyone will miss your presence.

I guess most of you know about the politician scandal thing right? So I will not go too much into detail. This minister, Chua something, I cant remember, was videotaped having sex with a woman who apparently happened to be a ‘close friend’. Who taped it, is not the issue.

The next day, he apologized to the public for the scandal. His family has forgiven him, and will ‘stand by him’. Today, the papers said that he will resign.

He should.

Even if the members of the parliament forgave him for what he has done, those other parties would definitely use his scandal as a point of argument saying that they can accept these type of things.

As mentioned above, he apologized but he got negative feedbacks in return, saying that the Malaysians did not forgive him and so on and so forth, that’s why he resigned.

Wtf What excuse is that? Is he turning tables round, trying to say that Malaysians are a bunch of unforgiving people and because of that he resigns? Are we the cause of his resignation?

Personally, I have no interest in politics or their sex life or what so ever, but this guy is blaming us.

He could just say something like “I have done something wrong, therefore I resign.” It sounds more…honourable… Rather than blaming his resignation on the public. Sheesh. What is this, man.

Terasa? Noooo... I couldn't care less. Why I bother posting it up? I don't know~ Variety in my blog I suppose...=)

Now, don't you people call me racist. If a Chinese dood does something wrong, why the heck do I want to stand up for him?

Chloe, looking for other stuff to post on her blog.