Saturday, 26 January 2008

Heart's Beat


Lam Fung is hitting our shores again!!! TONIGHT!!!


He released a new album on the 23rd of November last year entitled "Finding Love In Memories"

There are a few translations to these words: 愛在記憶中找你
'Fond of Searching For You In Living Memories'
'Searching For You In Loving Memories'

I don't really know the exact Translation because I can't read Chinese. This is the time when I really wish I could read those swooshes.

Notice that he lost some weight? I don't know... But compare the picture above to this:

Saw the diffrence?
Heck, who cares. He should be in KL by now... Which is like... 45 minutes away from here =)))
and Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards will begin in like... 2 hours' plus time.

Chloe will be out of her mind for the next few hours or until she gets her hands on Lam Fung's new album. Whichever comes first.
I have a feeling I'll know which will come first.
Heck, HE'S HERE!!!
Not in my house la
So I'll glue my eyes to the tv.
And hold a box of tissue to my mouth.
The title, Heart's Beat is the name of The Last Breakthrough's themesong sung by, yours truly, punyer, ahem...partner.