Wednesday, 30 January 2008

From An iMac

Ooh! ooh! Ooooh!!!

I've got so many things to tell you!
Firstly, I'm currently typing from the college's Mac!
I'm not tech savvy so I dont really know how to compare the softwares with the conventional comps apart from the appearance.
It's white... and glossy.
Seriously pretty =)

Anyway, Mac aside, I bought War of the In-Laws II !!!
So far, I've watched 3 and a half episodes and each epidode surprises me.
Myolie's acting and has improved tremendously. Her facial expressions and eye contact tells the story without needing to say anything.
The same goes to Bosco. His face is full of expression.
I'm not surprised why this series was rated quite high in Hong Kong.

If were you were to notice, even the second line actors did really well too. Notice Joyce Tang (Coco), Liza's assistant, eventhough she only stands behind Liza, probably insignificant to the viewers (when she is hidden behind Liza(Ophelia), but she still has the expression on the face that shows her xharacter...rather than standing still in the background.

Erh... No time to check the sentence above. =/

Class ending already... Gotta log out.
Class again later =/