Monday, 28 January 2008

When I'm Not So... Sane...

I want to buy War of the In-Laws II.

A Gist:
A modern sequel to the 2005 ancient comedy drama War of In-Laws.
Liza Wang will reprise her role as the sassy mother-in-law who heads a fashion design company. Myolie Wu is a tomboyish police officer who becomes romantically involved with Liza's son portrayed by Bosco Wong, a rich pretty boy in disguise.

I'm not a HUGE fan of Myolie nor a HUGE fan of Bosco, but I really, really like their acting.

I'm suddenly into TVB again. CHLOE is baaaaaaacccckkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was watching the Astro Wa Lai Toi Drama Awards and Raymond Lam sang a song that had a very nice tune to it. Especially the chorus. No idea what the title is. Gotta watch more TVB dramas and brush up on my Canto.

I've got lots more to rant about which will never end when it comes to TVB, but my dad is sending me off to bed and it's onli 1.10am!

RPM tomorrow. Alvin is surely gonna make me turn up the dial and cycle faster.

I grinned and wailed and fainted in one post.
What are we to do with myself? When I'm in a jumbled up mood...

Got to leave now. Will update when I regain my sanity.

LOL the word 'sanity' looks like 'sanitary' followed by the word 'pad'

Damn. Stop me.
*slaps forehead with hand and brings rubs face down with hand, pulling cheek down like a bulldog with thumb on the right cheek and fingers on the right side...making my nose flat and being pulled downwards...and to my lips exposing teeth... down to the chin...*
Yes. My hand stops at the chin.

Damn. Stop Me.


Melanie said...

Good post.

chloe said...

thankiu! =D