Saturday, 1 August 2009

I Tried on a Necklace in a Dressing Room

because I'm that sampatted.

and no, I wasn't posing.
Had to try it in there because that location is my only source of my own reflection.

Dear Necklace-d bag,
I'm sorry I stole your necklace from your body and placed it round my neck. I felt guilty for stealing all your pride and joy and hiding you behind my back.

I shall return you your fame and your necklace by posting this picture on top, and let everyone see how weird unique you look.

cheers =)

Anyway, was at the hospital temanning my grandmother(the one that is still alive =.=) the other day and got freakin bored.

Rummaged through my bag and found a mirror Jela gave me for NS and my purple whiteboard marker. There is only one thing a bored Clo can do.

Scribble on my face.

and arm.

On another note, (actually same note because it happened on the same day as the necklace-bag thing. If it's another note, it should be on a diffrent post, because each post is like a diffrent page of a NOTE book. Unless the 'note' actually means music note, that it's a different story. Then I shouldn't be using the word 'note' but I did, because the English language allows me to. wtf i'm irritating myself to the max. gonna minimize this dan lain lain nota-s. For this BM context, I'm reffering 'nota' to 'note' as in jotting things down, but I'm not jotting things down because I'm typing)

*shoos dumb thoughts away with a fly swatter*

As I was saying,
Cuzzie called me weird, 'but not THAT weird'.


I'm unique.



ONION said...

SO cretive - who would thought of such nonsence except you...

chloe said...

haha u lah!

Tipsy Darlene said...

Dear clo,

reading your blog sure gives me a headache and a touch of sampatness too. Mehn! Birds of the same feather flocks sama2. NORWONDER laaaa! :P


chLoe said...

haha yeah... nowonderr =D

and ur blog has a touch of sampatness as well =D