Sunday, 3 January 2010

My Student's

bf sent me an email using her account. She must have given it to him. I don't know him, but this student was under me since she was 10.
Long story.

He then added me on msn and started telling me his love life problems like I'm some expert.
Longer story.

They were both together since they were 10, then their parents found out. She ignored him for a year. He called him in year6 and their puppy love soon blossomed.

Both are F1 this year, but going to different schools.
He told me that he thinks she is not pretty anymore, but when he thinks of breaking up, his heart feels like melting.

Looooooooonnnnng story. Trust me. The msn convo can make a dictionary. I'll summarize it.

He wants to break up.
He is doubting his looks. (wth?)
He is doubting her feelings for him.
He loves her to bits. Since std2.
He loves the feeling of having someone he can own.
He believes in fate.

The sweetest thing is he is just waiting for her to end it,'and at the mean time, enjoy being with her' because he is confused.
Well I thought it was sweet, until I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that he is puzzled and is too fed up to think so he decided to let her control his fate.

Were you guys as confused as he is when you were 13?
I know I was. But goodness, my love life wasn't so complicated. I just liked 2 people and wondered if they liked me back. That's all.


Zharif said...

the only confusion i got when i was 13 was why was the lunch at school free of charge?i mean u walked up to the cafeteria and all u get is free food...

turns out the food costs were built in the school fees.

NicholasIceGhost said...

seems like he's

Andrew C. said...

Dear dear.... Children now days...

I think he needs to talk to someone and share his thoughts.

chLoe said...

Zharif, so you just had to pay an amount and it's an 'eat all you want', or is it like a credit card, whereby you eat, then pay later?

Ice, yeas, he is...

Chong, hence the emails he sent me and the msn convo. he needs grown up advise. i give crap =/