Monday, 10 January 2011

The ideal RPM Tracklist:

1.Makes Me Wonder-Maroon5(RPM37)/ I Could Have Loved You-Lighthouse Family (RPM42)/TikTok-Ke$ha(RPM47)
2.Bridge Over Troubled Water-Hannah Jones(RPM38)/Sober-Pink (RPM44)
3. Underneath the Radar-Underworld (RPM37)
4. Bend and Break-Keane (RPM32)/Meet Me Halfway-TransNoise(RPM47)
5.Painkiller-Freestylers(RPM36)/Piranha-The Prodigy(RPM45)
6. Adelante-Sash! (RPM40)
7. Welcome to Africa-Paffendorf(RPM37) or Send Me An Angel -Slinkee Minx(RPM41)/Evacuate The Dance Floor-Studio88(RPM46)
8. Broken Strings-James Morrison(RPM43)/Spotlight-Jennifer Hudson(RPM44)
9.Chasing Pavements-Adele (RPM45)/The Man Who Can't Be Moved-The Script(RPM45)/Solo-Iyaz(RPM49)

Or maybe not. There are probably the few favourite tracks of mine.

Instructors can either make or break or bore the tracks. I think tomorrow will be the 3rd week of RPM39 and next week they can mix the tracks again. Whee!

I wish they would put the older tracks again. New ones aren't as motivating. Track 48 is the most alien to me because the foot got fractured when this was introduced. Kinda disliking it. It's 1am now. Would like to tell you more(not really) about RPM but it's shut eye time.

Goodnight. notgonnareadwhatityped,neitheramigonnacheckordoublechecksentence,grammaretc.

Bytheway, my phone can't be switched on. Buttons rosaked. Pretty huge deal to me. =(