Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I'm very fine thank you =)

So I was thinking(not very much)...
*breaks into a song*
(8) I was thinkin bout you, thinkin bout me, thinkin bout us, what we gonna be(8)
...just a dream~

...but thinkin that... I'll be twentytwoyearsoldthisyear!!!

Never in my entire life did I think I would ever reach this age. It's like a whole mixture of "YEAY-i'm-22-now-what", or do I feel "DAMN-I'm-22-what-have-i-been-doing-my-whole-life"


What irks me at times is when I visit people's blogs, or hang out with people 'my age', I always feel like I've never matured comparing to people my age. What I think now is what I thought back in those teenage years. Look at the blog. It's full of I,Me, and Myself. Nothing about what 'grown-ups' talk about. Haha... I kid. I kid.

But seriously... hmm... maybe not. haha =D

But enough about me. How are you? =)